Rise of the Smallkin

Campaign Culmination
(Personal Character Endings TBD by the Players)

Party Insert (Subject) = This indicates a spot where Party Members, you guys may interject based on the Subject in parentheses 

With Olan having finished his story he would offer any answers that he could offer the Party.
Party Insert (Questions for Olan)

Due to Dimble's plant infusion still being entwined with his body (he had not yet recovered from the Wraith's drain on his life force), he would not be able to join The Party in their travels at this time. Because The Party was aware that their minds had been invaded concerns for Pitter's family (since they live within Human Domain) become a subject discussed as well as a desire to rescue Glorf from capture. Dohd, who has been shaken since the mind invasion (and if everyone remembers did not help in the battle in which Glorf was captured), volunteers to go into the Human lands and do what he can to help. Olan is skeptical of what Dohd could do, being a Dwarf he would stick out and probably raise more suspicion. The Witch offers to help, and while Dohd doesn't seem to be comforted by this, Olan takes her seriously. Olan inquires into her recovery from the Dark Arts (as if speaking about a drug addiction), and is genuinely concerned about her safety. She expresses a desire to make up for the wrongs she's committed, bowing to the Sprites, Elsa and Gumble, who return the bow. Before The Party leaves Hildi, soot covered and sweaty from mining for that marriage gem, would give Ruric a very intense good-bye kiss that goes on just long enough for everyone to wonder if they are supposed to leave the room.
Party Insert (Parting Remarks/Questions for Dohd)

The Party would move forward from the Mythral Mines into the Elven Lands. Between Pitter's maps made from studying the Magical Chronicle Book, and Skazg's survival instincts the Party would be able to cover the distance in one week and avoid much of the hazards in reaching the Elven Kingdom.

Once they made it to the border of the Elven Kingdom they would stumble upon a supernatural black mist that had over taken it. Pitter would remember that the Purple Basilisk resides within the mist, and after failing to peirce the darkness with holy light by Ruric, The Party would look for a safer entrance into the Elven Kingdom.

They would find such an entrance through some underground caverns. Any confusion of why this massive tunnel caverns would exist within an Elven Kingdom would be answered when they find Oozes throughout. There would also be standard auburn basilisks (still very dangerous) following the Oozes from time to time. The adult basilisks would be gathering up the trail of Mythral, being made by the Oozes, into their mouths. Baby basilisks could be seen hoping around the Oozes stopping momentarily to give it the "death stare," but to no effect. Eventually the adult basilisks would herd the baby basilisks away from the slow moving Oozes. They would make their way back to their nests within a part of the cavern that was crafted to be a proper mine. The Adults would regurgitate the Mythral onto their nests which looked to be made completely by Mythral. The cute scene of the basilisks curling up to sleep in their nests would be contrasted by the many statues of scared/sad Elven women and children littered throughout this crafted section. (This area would take a couple days to get through)

A delicate stairway would lead out of the crafted mine section up into the ancient trees supporting the kingdom above the supernatural black mist. Ruric and Balto would recognize the skyline of the Elven kingdom from the love letter between the two elves from earlier in their adventure. With Pitter's detailed map The Party could move together rather quickly through the maze of bridges and intricate towers. However they would encounter the Purple Basilisk as The Party's presence would disturb the century long silence.
Party Insert (Fight or Flee from the Purple Basilisk?)

In either case when the Party reaches the Magical Barrier, guarding the Most Ancient Tree that Pitter would recall from the Magical Chronicle Book, they would find that most hated enchanted riddle archway broken and thus the Barrier would not impede them (or the Purple Basilisk depending). Making their way into the Elven Castle residing on this Most Ancient Tree, Skazg would recognize this tree from his dream in which all his families of the different races lived in peace. Pitter would lead The Party to the opening in the tree, above a ornate fountain. From the hole Pitter would pull the large seed from his vision. It does not have the vibrant green glow from his vision, but instead looks like a very large ordinary walnut like seed. Ruric remembering the words of the Halfling Goddess, sprinkles the small bag of dirt onto the seed. The seed glows with a powerful green radiance, and the Halfling Goddess appears as a moving painting on the bark of the Most Ancient Tree. Looking to Pitter she speaks with relief.

"And so the Servant guides the People of this Land Home. Your duty to your Prince is fulfilled, once more." 

She dries the tears that she's cried all this time and thanks Ruric fulfilling this duty. The Party is instructed to put their hands on the seed to re-establish the Covenant of Peace, that founded the Alliance between the Dwarves, Gnomes, Halflings, and Elves centuries ago. This time Orcs are to be included as Skazg is a representative for the Orcs. With this Covenant The Party is empowered with their destinies (The Party is awarded Hero Points).

Halfling Goddess sings an unfinished tune when The Party binds their destiny.
This is the sound of one voice
One spirit, one voice
The sound of one who makes a choice
This is the sound of one voice

Pitter is informed that this is a gift he can use to heal his ailing sister. The Halfling Goddess tells The Party that in order for this seed to grow it requires the Holy Stream to flow again from the Dwarven Fortress of Dhur Thorin (the one Ulfgar and Dimble's father fought to retake, and the one Ruric saw in the Magical Chronicle Book) into this fertile ground. As the seed grows so too does the power of the Gods that watch over them.
Party Insert (Parting Remarks/Questions for the Halfling Goddess)

When the Halfling Goddess disappears into the folds of bark of the Most Ancient Tree it begins to wither and die. The Elven Castle shakes as the support starts to loosen. The Party has to get out in a hurried fashion. Pitter recalls the location of the room with a teleportation circle and leads The Party to it. The room is a mess but the circle is intact. Working together they are able to clear up the space and assist Pitter in activating the teleportation circle. Parts of the castle's outer walls are falling away as well as some of the weaker branches. The teleportation circle is set to a different position than anticipated and The Party sees a large oasis in a desert on the other side of the portal. Covering the water are the Vine-like Plant Monsters intertwined with each other (the same that The Party had encountered tearing through the jungle). Each one has produced a big fiery colored flower. Pitter is able to change the destination of the Teleportation Portal to Holder's Hall in Alteera (Pitter's hometown). It takes much of Pitter's concentration to keep the Portal open so he must be the last one through. As soon as the rest of the Party is through, the room quakes and a crack in the floor breaks the magic circle interrupting the Teleportation Portal. Pitter is left alone in a race against time to repair the magic circle before the Elven Castle comes tumbling down.

The Party finds themselves atop a mezzanine within a grand library hall (Holder's Hall). The large rug they are standing on has a hole burned at the center revealing a magic circle engraved within the wood flooring beneath. They hear a loud crack come from the other side of the Teleportation Portal and can see the room Pitter's in shake violently before the Portal closes. While The Party is trying to get their bearings a crash is heard from the floor below. A Gnome family, and Dohd carrying a very ill child, retreats from behind a bookshelf near the front of the hall, towards the staircase of the mezzanine. However half a dozen Dismounted Knights of Eidolon are able to outmaneuver them and position themselves between the family and the staircase. A bit of blood dribbles down the side of Dohd's face, which goes from determination to great concern the moment he locks eyes with The Party. From behind the same bookshelf that the Gnome family had retreated from comes more foes. Another half a dozen Dismounted Knights of Eidolon, one of them wears a black and purple cape and is dragging the Witch Companion by her hair, and strolling along casually in the midst of them is Sosah in a fine red dress. Sosah's visible boredom changes to a gleeful mixed with a seething anger at the sight of The Party.

"My beautiful Mona, it is good to see you again," Sosah pauses for a moment soak in Mona's reaction. But before The Party can respond, Dohd yells out, the slight quiver of desperation can be heard in his voice.

"Hey, you look at me!" as he sets the sickly Gnome girl down gently. "You're not going to lay a finger on any of them you venomous bitch." Dohd looks back to The Party and while he barks out an order with confidence, his eyes reveal his fear, "Get Pitter's Family out of here!" Then he charges towards Sosah with a roar that seems to keep the Dismounted Knights of Eidolon from interfering. Sosah snaps her fingers and a Dwarf with half an arm missing hobbles up next to her and offers up a massive curved blade (her falchion).
Party Insert (What does The Party do?)


Olan's Dream

In the Mythril Mines Olan shows the Party a Dream Vision of the Enemy they face. In order to warn them of the dangers within the Elven Kingdom.

Olan and his old Companions (a male Elf in tight dark clothes, a Human women in a red dress with a veil, and a male Orc wearing the hide of large creature) are storming a tower within the Human Capitol. When they reach the top there stands a Being, wrapped head-to-toe in rags, wearing a white mage's robe. Olan takes up a defensive stance in front the Woman in red while the Elf fans out as the Wrapped Being begins to speak. It's voice carries an echo as if it were the wind in a canyon.

"So we finally—" It is interrupted by a bellowing roar from the tower stairs below. The Orc Companion had fallen behind having got caught up in the pleasure of battling his way into the tower. The roar continued as the Orc Companion came crashing into the room and with a single swing of his massive axe cut off on of the Wrapped Being's arms. A torrent of elements come spewing out of the neck opening; sand, wind, fire, electricity. It sends the Orc flying across the room, and by the time he lands his wounds have frozen over. The elements wind together into an arm shape, through some concentration from the Wrapped Being.

"You insects shall be dealt with, as will all this land." said the Wrapped Being
"We know you Old One. You shall not have the souls of this land." Olan protests.

The Elf Companion dissipates into smoke, as the Red Veiled Woman binds the Wrapped Being into place with a spell. The Wrapped Being blasts out an elemental torrent at her, but Olan wards it off with a wooden shield and prayer. The Elf Companion reappears in a puff of smoke behind the Wrapped Being with a mythral dagger to it's throat. The dagger shines as it slides across the Wrapped Being's neck. A blood curdling scream escapes from the open wound as the elements come spilling out. The head wrappings fall back on themselves as the gap opens wider. All of the rags and the mage's robes fall to the ground.

For a moment all is still.

The Companions attempt to take in a breath, but there is no air to breathe as it is all sucked into the space where the Wrapped Being once stood. Lighting writhes out from the whirling air, grappling the Elf Companion in mid air.

A disembodied voice reverberates the entire tower, like that of a large bell in a bell tower. "I cannot be stopped. I cannot be contained. You cannot comprehend the eternal storm of my being."

Olan nods to the Red Veiled Woman, and she tightens the magical binding. Olan's voice resonates with an authority unfamiliar the Dreamers (you guys). "By the Gods of the Alliance and these mortal witnesses, you are cast out! The Old One has no place in this world."

"Your Gods hold no sway over me, Little Believer. I was invited into this Plane by mortals you call to witness your exorcism," the disembodied voice responds. The Elf Companion's body begins to contort and the horror can be seen in his eyes at his realization. With his mythral dagger the Elf strikes at his own heart, but his chest expands too quickly for the blade's length to reach it's mark. His arm suddenly morphs outward snapping off the hilt of the dagger, leaving the blade still in. The transformation continues until a 5 foot tall, purple, six armed, six eyed, Lizard exists in place of the Elf Companion.

"Now go show your people the true meaning of immortality, it is after all their greatest desire." The wall behind the torrent of winds explodes outward. The Lizard is puffed into black smoke rising up into the clouds. A storm of darkness forms and can be seen traveling at unnatural speed towards the Elven Kingdom. The roof and walls collapse down upon Olan and the Companions.

The chunk of rubble covering Olan is lifted off of him by the conscious Orc Companion. "Get up, Olan. There's more trouble." The Red Veiled Woman stands in the center of the rubble, convulsing.

"What happened to Matea?" 

"No time," says the Orc Companion as he almost freed Olan from the rubble, but it is magically pressed back down. Tracing the visible trail of magic the two friends see the Red Veiled Woman , Matea, with out stretched hand. Her eyes glow red.

"You are such a disappointment Mirflagz," Matea said with a distorted voice. "I gave you beasts a form with such beautiful singular purpose. You were made to consume this world, and here you stand-" Again she is interrupted by Mirflagz as he throws his axe right at her head. With a reflexive flick of her wrist, Matea, deflects the axe magically. Mirflagz immediately charges her grabbing her by the neck, digging his claws into her soft flesh.  He opens his maw moving into consume her head, but his whole body seizes up. "Here you stand defending these perversions of existence," Matea continued. "I make this promise to you Mirflagz, your people will never be free and you will perform your true purpose for eternity."

Mirflagz's arms begin to bubble and boil, popping open with black gooey substance. He is quickly consumed by the transformation, having lost any true form, all that is left is a dark gooey blob floating in the air. It writhes, shape shifting at random to have a swarm of tentacles to a gapping mouth, to clawing hands in any given direction. Matea opens a portal to a place void of color, and magically moves the Dark Monster through it as the Dark Monster grows in size.

Matea steps over the rubble, each one leaving an imprint in flame, making her way to the pinned Olan. His face is streaked with tears and blood stains his beard alone the rim of his mouth. "Please release her. Let me be your vessel. Matea means nothing to you."

A smile creeps across Matea's face. "On the contrary, she was a very powerful sorcerer. A being that could contain much of my strength. And you brought her to me, a cleric lacking the conviction to bind me." She extends her index finger and with the tip of her nail presses Olan's holy symbol as it melds into his chest. "You will make an excellent pet. A witness to the end of a world you hold so dear. And I will leave you there in it's absence, alone as you've always been."

Just as Matea finishes her threat, lightening from clear skies above strikes the rubble atop Olan. Matea's vision is blinded for a moment but is unscathed and unmoved by the explosion. Olan was sent fly from the exploded rubble, though he too was unharmed. The rush of wind fills his ears as he free falls from the height of the tower, the ground rushing up to meet him.

All goes dark.

Notes for Characters:
Ruric: Recognizes Matea as the Red Eyed Woman Statue from the battle at the fort.
Dimble: Recognizes the Monster that Mirflagz was turned into as the creature that swallowed his father's battalion in battle, and as the guardian of the large mirror in the realm he traveled to with the Abhorsen.
Pitter: Recognizes the Monster that the Elf Companion was turned into as the Monster lurking in the Elven Kingdom.

Chapter II

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Chapter I

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Caden's Story

Caden awoke to find Balto missing. He was so angry as is it had not yet donned on him the determination of his eldest son. Believing that Balto would return after being out in the wilderness alone for a while. Then his headstrong son would see reason. Each night he would keep the night fire burning, an act that he had deemed too dangerous prior to this.
Bargley and Faela hunted and gathered as if nothing was wrong, but the absence of their brother and uncle weighed heavily on their camp. Caden stopped badgering them on safety, he stopped talking. He barely ate and didn't shave. After a week he kept the fire burning during the day only stepping away to gather fire wood.

On the third week Faela became fed up. "Father the animals have moved away from our camp and we've picked all the berries from the bushes. There is not a root to dig up for miles. We cannot stay here. Will you do nothing?" There was a heavy rainfall for the next three days. Caden agreed to leave when the rain stopped.

On the second night as Bargley and Faela slept, Caden stood at the opening of their cavern. A bear came sniffing around so Caden gathered up his strength summoning up some magic to scare the creature off. When the bear reared up in response, Caden saw the glint of metal in the beast's teeth. It roared and the bit of metal flew out of it's mouth. Caden fell onto his back startled, but next to his face was the bit of metal. It was a sling bullet with "SS" carved in it. "Straight Shot" his Son's nickname given by his uncle.

The gooey tar of despair and depression that had plagued Caden for so long was burned away in that moment by a slumbering rage, awakened. He called forth a supernatural darkness. He drew his dagger and reached out for the bear. Finding his grip he sealed his fist shut with magic, his prey would not escape him. The bear flailed about but once the dagger pierced its eye it bolted off into the woods. Caden endured the scrapping ground and thrashing branches to see this beast dead.

The bear had fled all the way to it's den where it finally keeled over and died. Caden, soaked in blood, searched the remains of the den and gutted the bear for any proof of his son's demise. He found none, and so his journey began.

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