Rise of the Smallkin

Caden's Story

Caden awoke to find Balto missing. He was so angry as is it had not yet donned on him the determination of his eldest son. Believing that Balto would return after being out in the wilderness alone for a while. Then his headstrong son would see reason. Each night he would keep the night fire burning, an act that he had deemed too dangerous prior to this.
Bargley and Faela hunted and gathered as if nothing was wrong, but the absence of their brother and uncle weighed heavily on their camp. Caden stopped badgering them on safety, he stopped talking. He barely ate and didn't shave. After a week he kept the fire burning during the day only stepping away to gather fire wood.

On the third week Faela became fed up. "Father the animals have moved away from our camp and we've picked all the berries from the bushes. There is not a root to dig up for miles. We cannot stay here. Will you do nothing?" There was a heavy rainfall for the next three days. Caden agreed to leave when the rain stopped.

On the second night as Bargley and Faela slept, Caden stood at the opening of their cavern. A bear came sniffing around so Caden gathered up his strength summoning up some magic to scare the creature off. When the bear reared up in response, Caden saw the glint of metal in the beast's teeth. It roared and the bit of metal flew out of it's mouth. Caden fell onto his back startled, but next to his face was the bit of metal. It was a sling bullet with "SS" carved in it. "Straight Shot" his Son's nickname given by his uncle.

The gooey tar of despair and depression that had plagued Caden for so long was burned away in that moment by a slumbering rage, awakened. He called forth a supernatural darkness. He drew his dagger and reached out for the bear. Finding his grip he sealed his fist shut with magic, his prey would not escape him. The bear flailed about but once the dagger pierced its eye it bolted off into the woods. Caden endured the scrapping ground and thrashing branches to see this beast dead.

The bear had fled all the way to it's den where it finally keeled over and died. Caden, soaked in blood, searched the remains of the den and gutted the bear for any proof of his son's demise. He found none, and so his journey began.


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